The eGo Tank System is a modification of the eGo and
the latest in personal vaporizing technology.
The tank system allows you to fill your e-liquid
directly into a 1ml cartridge reservoir
that continuously drips liquid into a
special atomizer designed exclusively for the eGo Tank System.
This eliminates the need for constant dripping,
carrying dropper bottles, and all refilling hassles.
A filled tank will last all day for average to moderate users.

Kit Includes:

5 Empty Refillable eGo Tank "Type A" 1ML Cartridges
2 Lithium Ion 3.7v 650mAh rechargeable manual batteries with white led button (New 5 click activation/deactivation feature)
1 North American AC to USB adaptor
2 eGo Tank "Type A" Atomizers
1 English Manual
1 USB to battery charger


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